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initng and autologin

21 listopada, 2006 . by vip

There’s simple way to make initng autologin user with mingetty (for old init you can just edit /etc/inittab and modify mingetty lines).

You’ve to add those lines on the top of /etc/initng/daemon/mingetty.i file to activate auto login on the second terminal:

daemon daemon/mingetty/tty2 {
need = system/mountroot system/hostname;
exec daemon = /sbin/mingetty
--autologin vip $NAME;


2 komentarze to “initng and autologin”

  1. Han Young-hee Says:

    Hello This is young-hee
    Thank you for your initng-autologin comments very well.
    I have any questions about thos issue.
    I has been developed with debian 4.1 and I want to reduce
    booting time for my device. and so I trying to initng with debian. but autologin cannot work as your comments
    If you don’t mind , Could you give me information for
    autologin with Debian Linux ?

    Thank you

  2. vip Says:

    It should work in debian too. Are you using mingetty? Maybe it is agetty, or other console sessions manager?

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