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.NET C# Timers

18 marca, 2007 . by vip

The simplest method to add non-blocking ticker in C#:
using System.Threading;

public Clock()
System.Threading.Timer tmrThreadingTimer = new
null, System.Threading.Timeout.Infinite, 1000);
tmrThreadingTimer.Change(0, 1000);

And now, the ticking method:

[csharp]private void tmrThreadingTimer_TimerCallback(object state)
Console.WriteLine(„Now: {0}”, DateTime.Now.ToString(„T”));

The timer will start immediately after executing Change() method. You can also replace System.Threading.Timeout.Infinite (it causes timer do not start) with 0, and remove Change() method to do that same.
You can also create Your own object (which could store no of ticks, for example) and read/write to it in Callback method. The examples are on msdn and dotgnu.

That’s all, folks!

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