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Gtk is NOT thread safe

Posted on 23 maja, 2009 by vip

Thanks. I’ve lost few days for searching bug. I didn’t know, that the signal sent from the Posix Thread and received by Gtk application isn’t executed in Gtk thread. If you wan’t to write software, and you’re sure, you want to write it in C#/Gtk# (if not, choose Qt) and you will use threads, read […]

Anonymous delegates in C#

Posted on 17 listopada, 2008 by vip

Beware of anonymous delegates in C#! You’ve to instanize new variable to have them in own delegate instances. If not, you’ll get the last value of variable in loop. Short snippet for Gtk#. It creates dynamic buttons and actions from DataTable (e.g. database). Pay attention to line // [1], when „variable capturing” is used. [csharp] […]